Tuesday, October 8, 2013

May 2013 Photos and my Birthday

So this brings us to May. My birthday month. A lot of changes have taken place this year, my 39th year on this planet. This birthday was not nearly as much of a celebration as it has been in the past but more of a regeneration. Growth, change and challenges are always a part of life but it seemed to be the year of extremes and the last month saw a lot of it come to a head.

A couple of events, the first was a Maggie Barry fashion show featuring my good friend Plastic Martyr. Also in attendance was his friend Courtney Stodden. She is a fireball and the media loves to follow her. Oh, Hollywood.

Then came my birthday. I spent it with my two good friends Katrina and Matthew. We went to Tiki Ti and got drunk. A very fitting and enjoyable birthday.

I did a bunch of model testing this month. It's a game we have to play in the fashion industry, testing models. Free work. Nobody really talks about the sheer amount of free work you have to do now if you want to be a fashion photographer. This is about the point I'm starting to question whether there is a purpose to all the free work but I do it anyway because it's my passion. Here are some of the results of the shoots I did in May with Elite Models, Wilhelmina and LA Models.

First a "lifestyle" shooting day with Nina Senicar from Wilhelmina. Hair and makeup were done by Dedra Whitt. This is an example of my more commercial work:

And I couldn't resist but do a couple of fashion/beauty shots, she's so gorgeous:

A couple of days later, I did a long day of shooting three girls from Elite: Toni, Kara and Ayanil. Hair and makeup was done by Christine Nelli.




Then at the end of the month I managed to squeeze in a fun shoot with Kendall from LA Models. I really loved working with this girl, she was just a lot of fun and had a ton of expression. Hair was done by Dawn Carter, makeup by Aga Jakubowski and wardrobe styling by me. Here is the result:

Here is one behind the scenes shot from that day of Aga beautifully holding the reflector...

And I think that's enough blogging for one day. You'll have to wait for the summer months update.

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  1. From the beginning I watch your blog and I love it, I could meet you. It would be nice if you wrote to not;)