Friday, April 5, 2013

Back in California, dreaming of Paris

I apologize in advance for this very photo heavy blog! Also, I am apparently a terrible blogger. I keep meaning to do it more often but life gets in the way. By the time I get around to it I have way too much to say and it gets overwhelming. So here it is, my update from my Winter trip to Europe. I've been back since January but it's taken me this long. Ugh.

I know all the Europeans I met wanted to be in LA and here I am thinking about Paris. It doesn't help that it's been cloudy in LA for a couple of days but I know I have nothing to complain about since there's still snow in London!

I have found a new place to live in Hollywood and settled in nicely. I have a beautiful (and huge!) completely renovated 50s style apartment near all the studios. I love it here and it would be perfect if it weren't for the neighbors with the constantly barking dog but that's a rant for another day haha.

So much to update on. Last I wrote I had just finished my shoot in Berlin. I was disappointed I couldn't shoot outdoors in Berlin but had a couple of great days shooting with friends in studio. The latex was provided by Savage Wear and hair/makeup were done by Heidi Edberg and Manuela Hölzl. Here are a few shots from those two days...


I know I posted more in my last blog entry but here are a couple more behind the scenes from the studio. What a fun day with friends!


After I left Berlin (brrr) I had to go somewhere warmer so I opted for a week in Barcelona. That was an amazing week of just relaxing and regenerating. It was nice to not have to wear my furry coat, hat and gloves every day for a change! It was beautiful there and I really wanted to shoot but alas the model I had set up for the day just completely flaked on me. Such is the life of a testing fashion photographer. So what did I do? Well naturally I took my clothes off and shot some pictures of myself on the beautiful rooftop! What would you do?

I also shot a portrait of my good friend DeeDee who lives there:

She's gorgeous. I wish she would have had time to shoot with me. She's a very busy graphic designer working in the fashion industry so she didn't have a lot of time. We did manage some nightlife together though so that was a good thing.

After some relaxation it was time to go back to London. I managed to squeeze in a shoot with my good friend Manko. She is such a great personality to shoot, I wish all my models came this prepared with their own makeup artist and full wardrobe! Love that girl.

From there it was on to Rome for New Years with my mother for some vacation time. That was certainly a blast! Here are some travel photos...

My beautiful momma

From there it was on to Paris. Ahhh Paris. If only you weren't so expensive, cold and hard to get good paying work in. One day I'll have a place in Paris. I managed to do some sightseeing and take some typical tourist pictures such as these in the old cemetery:


And even more typical:


After that was meeting up with my good friend Diane Drubay, the wardrobe stylist I worked with last time I was in Paris. She and I cooked up some "Helmut Newton" inspired looks and came up with this shoot, together with model Katya, Makeup artist Ayaka Sonada, and hairstylist Hiro Endo...


And that brings us back to LA! My adventures since I've been home have been enough to warrant another blog entry. I think this has been quite enough for today! Sorry for the heavy photo entry. Had a lot to get out there. Until next time...