Tuesday, October 8, 2013

At it again... Travels and Photography - March 2013

Hello friends, another apology for waiting so long to blog. I don't know why I can't just come on here, post a few pictures and be done with it. I guess I feel like each entry has to be a big story or explanation but as a photographer I have tons of photos of what has happened since April. I have decided to do a blog post per month backdated to my last entry. No explanations, just photos. Then I'll come back and update you with some stories. I make no promises for updates in the future but I'll try to update more frequently. I rather enjoy sharing my stories and photos with you so even if for my own sake I'll try harder.

I did two big shoots in March, one was a fashion editorial that was supposed to be for a magazine (to remain unnamed to not burn any bridges) but ended up not getting published after all. Me and my team worked very hard on this story and I think we got some really great images. Behind the scenes photos are below the editorial because I love to show the process.

The model was Alexa from Pinkerton. Hair was done by Dawn Carter, makeup by Ady Delgado and the wardrobe styling by Alyssa Chrencik. All the clothing was provided by "For the Stars" on Melrose Ave.

Here are some behind the scenes from that shoot:

Shortly after that shoot I decided to move it indoors and worked with the same team to do a beauty shoot. We used "For the Stars" on Melrose as our location and shot with Ashton from Pinkerton this time. We also had Lisa Pena Wong with us to do fabulous manicures on Ashton.

Here are a few of the final shots:

And a couple of fun behind the scenes shots by Lisa:

Up next, photos from April!

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