Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New work - an apology

OK, wow. I didn't realize something as simple as blogging would be so difficult! I have this strange feeling like I should have some huge news to share before I make a post but I'm going to make my best effort to blog at least once a week so whoever is reading this won't get bored and abandon me (oh god, there goes those abandonment issues again haha, kidding).

So a bit has taken place since I started this. I did a shoot out in the desert almost to Bakersfield a couple weekends ago. It was a photo seminar which was interesting because there was 9 photographers shooting 3 models. I have only ever done one other seminars like this and it's always a bit disconcerting with a bunch of other people having the same shots as you. I realized though you can have the same model in the same outfit with the same lighting set up and each photographer will have a different take on the situation. Plus I do a lot of retouching on my images to make them my own so I'm not too worried. I think I got some great shots but unfortunately I had some technical issues with my camera so I don't have all my images yet. I will be sure to post the best ones when I get it sorted out but for now here are a couple samples:

Models are Michelle and Brit respectively. Makeup was done by Kathleen M Ty

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I'm blogging!

Well I suppose it was only a matter of time. I've twitted, I've journaled, I've myspaced, I've flikr'd and I've facebooked. Now it's time for my first official blog. Why the hell not, why can't I be as self serving as the rest of the internet? Hopefully some people will be interested enough in what I have to say that this will be interesting. At the very least I can use it to chronicle my exploits in the world of fashion photography and navigating LaLa Land and wherever else I may find myself venturing.

I'm going to start with a few photos from my portfolio and I plan on updating this as I do more shoots and when something interesting happens. Or maybe the lack of interesting things might be interesting in itself. I guess we'll find out together! :0